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~ Mr. Laundry's Guarantee ~


With today's way of doing things most products are designed to meet a specific price point. This may mean cutting corners in quality in order to meet a suggested retail price. Based on our current manufacturing prices our RETAIL VALUE is $59.95.


At Mr laundry our products are designed with a commitment to quality and years of service. The Mr laundry reshape drying rack is an example of this kind of quality, and is designed to be used on a daily basis for many years to come. Each of our drying hangers are made of a super strong high impact polymer designed to support the added weight of wet clothing. The telescoping arms available with the  Standard Kit only come pre-assembled with all the parts being pinned together never glued. This process is more expensive but guarantees many more years of reliable service.






With over 20 years researching and developing products to help you get the best results in the care of your fine clothing, Mr. Laundry guarantees not only the quality of our products but also the superior results you will experience when using our products.

~ Value of ~

Reshape Drying Rack ~ Standard Kit

5 Garment Expandable System

Our custom pin process shown below is a very time consuming hand process. Because of this process our

product will never come apart. This makes our drying rack a little more expensive but something you

will appreciate  now and even more 10 years from now.