Reshape 2 Dry - Standard Kit

5 Garment Expandable Clothes Drying Rack



How to Use:













1. After the washing machine spin cycle take the garment and run the telescoping arms down each sleeve.

2. Connect each arm into the center connector and hang the garment on the over-the-door hook.



3. Standard Reshape Drying Rack only - telescope  the arm for the correct sleeve length and then adjust sleeve to fit.

4. Finish by holding each side and lightly pulling out and down. This will give you a shaped and smooth result.


NO SHOULDER BUMPS* Telescoping arms that adjust to any sleeve length will eliminate the

shoulder bumps caused by drying on standard hangers.

• ELIMINATES CLUTTER OF FLAT DRYING * The 5 drying hangers can be used with

the over-the-door hook on the back of any door or with an existing wall hook or

shower curtain rod.

• CASCADE HANGER TO HANGER * This feature doubles the capacity of the

door hook or saves on space when all 5 hangers are hung one to another

against the door or wall.


Door hook folds flat against the door when not in use.



Special Features:

1. Telescoping arms - Standard Reshape Drying Rack only. Each arm extends from 22" to 37.5".


2. Hangers cascade from one to the other. You can potentially use up to 10 of our hangers on one of our over-the-door hooks.


3. Over the door hook

System Includes:

• Five hangars with Telescoping arms

• One metal over the door hanger with a

   five slot hook

Suggestions for Absolute Best Results:

• Whether you hand or machine wash, always use the spin cycle to remove excess water.

• Place garment in dryer for 3 to 5 minutes or long enough for it to get warm. This will help to relax the garment fibers for a smooth finish.

  (Skip this step if garment is embellished with beads or studs.)

• Block the garment by holding it at the bottom corners and lightly pulling downward and outward.

• Using fabric softener in the rinse cycle can also help reduce wrinkles.